Kobe Bryant receives an FC Barcelona shirt during the presentation of the Mission Hills and NBA agreement. | FCB

NBA star Kobe Bryant was the star with FC Barcelona in Haikou on Tuesday. The former Lakers player announced the agreement between Mission Hills and the NBA to build an NBA a museum and store in their facilities.

Making the most of the partnership the Club has with Mission Hills, famous Barça fan Kobe Bryant was given and signed some of this season’s FC Barcelona shirts. One of the shirts was dedicated to the Club’s offices in the Chinese city. Kobe Bryant had his photograph taken with the organisers of the event with a blaugrana shirt with his name on it.

A group photo was taken headed by the Commercial Director of the Hong Kong office, Jordi Camps; the LPD of the FCBEscola Haikou, the Chinese island where Mission Hills is based, Pau López; and Jenny Yang of FC Barcelona’s Hong Kong office.

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