Barça led the sports world in engagement on social media in January.

Barça led the sports world in engagement on social media in January. | FCB Graphic Design

Barça opened the new year with stunning engagement figures on social media, coming in ahead of every other sports club in the world. In the month of January, Barça’s posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram generated 181 total engagements, which are defined as the sum of user interactions, or clicks, such as retweets, replies, follows, likes, and shares, among others.

According to Blinkfire Analytics, Barça’s social media figures from January 1 to 31 are well above those of all other sports clubs, which are mainly European football clubs.

Top 5 in total engagements, in January:

181 million — FC Barcelona
76 million — Manchester United
45 million — Real Madrid
42 million — Chelsea
26 million — Bayern Munich

But perhaps more impressively, Barça wasn’t just first overall, it was also first on each social media platform when broken down separately. The biggest difference was on Instagram, where Barça had the most engagements over a single month in four years.

Top 2 Instagram engagements, in January:

120 million — FC Barcelona
32 million — Real Madrid


The arrival of the superstar Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho on January 6 made a major impact on social media. In fact, the very first Instagram photo of Coutinho wearing the Barça shirt became the most viral post in the history of Barça’s Instagram account. The image generated almost 2.7 million likes and over 20,000 comments. Accordingly, the account grew by around 880,000 followers in January.

On Twitter, Barça also reached a season high in January, with 9.6 million engagements, more than double its monthly average of 4.6 million. The January 6 tweet announcing the Coutinho signing became Barça’s most liked tweet ever, and helps explain the sizable gap between Barça and the rest.

Top 3 Twitter engagements, in January:

9.6 million — FC Barcelona
5.3 million — Manchester United
2.6 million — Chelsea

On Facebook, the Coutinho signing also resulted in a huge increase in engagement for Barça. The post announcing the Brazilian’s arrival reached over 25 million Facebook users. The accompanying video was seen by 7 million people, making it one of the most viewed videos of the season on Barça Facebook page.

Barça led on Youtube, too!

FC Barcelona’s figures on the world’s most popular video platform came in first as well, easily topping all other sports clubs.

Top views on YouTube, in January:

36.6 million — FC Barcelona
9.3 million — Palmeiras
6.9 million — Liverpool
6.1 million — Manchester City
6.0 million — Ajax

Curiously, the number 2 on the list, Palmeiras, was the former team of Yerry Mina, Barça’s other big winter signing, while Liverpool, the number 3 on the list, was Coutinho’s former team. Clearly, the two transactions had major impacts not just on Barça’s YouTube channel, but on those of their former Clubs, as fans flocked to see videos of the pair to get a taste of what Barça was getting.

The farewell of Javier Mascherano also made a huge impact on YouTube, thus solidifying Barça’s gargantuan presence there. Barça’s 3,782,012 YouTube subscribers, 295,000 of which joined in January, are the most among worldwide sports clubs.

A staggering social media presence

In total, FC Barcelona currently has some 313 million followers across all social media platforms, counting all the Club’s accounts in different languages and for its different teams. With such jaw-dropping numbers driving Barça’s unprecedented engagement with its fans around the world, the team isn’t just crushing the opposition on the field, it’s dominating it in cyberspace as well.

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