This Monday, FC Barcelona and Nike have launched a new campaign titled The Ball Makes Us More and featuring stars from the men’s and women’s teams together with fans of the club. The idea is to present the club as part of the soul of the city and showcases how everyone is united by a style of play that’s recognised all around the world. The promo video was recorded in different places in Barcelona, while the football sequences were filmed inside the Camp Nou to ensure the utmost authenticity.

The campaign coincides with the 20 th anniversary of the partnership between Nike and FC Barcelona, and the accompanying film was directed by none other than Wally Pfister, winner the 2010 Academy Award for Best Cinematography for Inception. The music is also original, and was composed and performed by Catalan percussion band Kaboom, featuring special guest Rosalía, the Barcelona-born Latin Grammy nominee. And the voiceover comes courtesy of TV and movie star Carles Francino, who is well-known for being a Barça supporter.

The film also features 20 extras that are all bona fide Barça supporters, such as 78-year- old Carles Tarrida, who went to the first ever game at the Camp Nou way back on 24 September 1957.

You can watch The ball makes us more at: www.fcbarcelona.cat/la-pilota-ens-fa-mes

Manel Arroyo, vice-president of FC Barcelona:

“The ball makes us more expresses the partnership between Nike and Barça at its very best”. 

“Nike is committed to Barça in a uniquely exceptional way, projecting our brand and the values that we share”.

“The campaign focuses on our identity and on our unique style of play, our ball possession, that has changed the football world and that we are so proud of. We are also showcasing to the world the relationship between Barça and the city of Barcelona and we hope to generate major global impact on fans of Barça and of football in general”.

Andrés Iniesta, FC Barcelona player:

“Our style of play has brought us so many victories. We like to attack, to be brave and take risks, and we like to have the ball at all times. Whether we win or lose, and whoever we play, those are always our principles”.

“I like this film because it depicts that aspect and also portrays our special relationship with the fans”.

Guillem Gallego, marketing manager of Nike Barcelona/SOUTH:

“Just like millions of fans around the world, Nike has been inspired by Barcelona’s constant greatness and triumphs on the pitch”.

“The Barcelona style captures the distinctive spirit and class that characterises the way the team
plays. An instinctive will to attack, to be brave and take risks, a joyous way of playing based on one prime target: the imperious need to have the ball at all times”.

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