The banner before Barça v Olympiacos | SANTI GARCÉS-FCB

Given the current situation in Catalonia, FC Barcelona wished to show the Club’s position and their belief in how to find a solution with giant banner in the Lateral stand at Camp Nou in which the words ‘Dialogue, Respect and Sport’ were visible accompanied by the Barça badge.

The Club’s position was explained by FC Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu on 5 October in an institutional declaration with the same title of ‘Dialogue, Respect and Sport’. The Club called for the start of a process of dialogue and negotiation to find political solutions to the problems in Catalonia based on absolute respect for the wishes of the majority of Catalans on their future.

The 45x46 metre banner was unfurled in the run up to kick off ahead of the Barça vs Olympiacos fixture on Matchday 3 of the Champions League despite the fact that persistent rain at Camp Nou make the process of displaying the banner somewhat difficult.

The Club wished to take advantage of its important media profile to make visible to the world its position with regards to the current situation in Catalonia given the fact that the game was being broadcast around the world by more than a hundred television stations. 

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