José Richard Gallego, a 36 year old Colombian, enjoyed an unforgettable experience this Saturday at the Camp Nou. Gallego suffers from Usher's syndrome, the most common illness of deafblind people, but his difficulties are not an impediment to enjoying football, one of his passions.

With the help of his guide interpreter, César Daza, 41, Gallego is able to follow any game thanks to a system of signs created by the pair themselves. By means of touch, and with the help of a board that represents the playing field, José Richard is totally capable of following the evolution of a live game as it happens on the pitch.

FC Barcelona, ​​through a La Liga initiative, opened the doors of the Camp Nou to the two Colombian fans so they could enjoy FC Barcelona - Girona FC, and the coffee makers would experience a night that didn’t end at the final whistle.

Gallego and Daza were able to greet their compatriots from Barça and Girona

After the match, both Gallego and Daza met FC Barcelona’s Colombian centre-back, Yerry Mina, and also another of their countrymen, Girona’s Johan Andrés Mojica. "It's wonderful to be able to see through César's eyes something as great as the Camp Nou, to feel the lights, the warmth of the people... And it was very special to be able to meet Yerry,” Gallego confessed, after fulfilling one of his dreams.

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