Juliano Belletti with Chapecoense's directors holding the shirt given in support of the Brazilian club #FORÇACHAPE | FCB

Juliano Belletti, who played for Barça between 2004 and 2007, represented the club at Chapecó last weekend. Belletti went to the Brazilian city as a FC Barcelona ambassador and was there for the commemorative events for the victims of the plane crash in Colombia. Unfortunately, the Chapecoense squad were on board this flight on the 28 November. Belletti was in touch with the Brazilian club's directors and also spoke to the fans, friends and family of the victims.

The ambassador met up with Ivan Tozo, who is the main Chapecoense Director, and Plinio David Nes Filho, President of the Board of Directors. Belletti showed his support and offered to help in whichever way he could on behalf of the Catalan club. As a sign of solidarity the Brazilian club was given a Barça shirt with the words “Força Chape” and the number 73, which is the year the club was founded.

Therefore, FC Barcelona via the Brazilian Juliano Belletti, were present at the funeral and the events in memory of the victims in order to support their family members. From Barcelona, the first team players also held a minutes silence before training on the 29 November and they showed their support via social media. Finally, the Barça and Real Madrid players held a minutes silence before the Clásico at the Camp Nou with a poster saying #FuerzaChapecoense. 

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