FC Barcelona spokesman Josep Vives explained the campaign of support launched by the Club for Leo Messi on Saturday following the sentence passed by the Barcelona Provincial Court last week: “Messi is being treated unfairly and the Club is taking a position to defend him. Our conscience is clear and we will not back down.” “We invite people to sign up to the campaign. It is very simple, a photo, a video, any kind of gesture, showing the number 10, his number, with your hands – as such anyone can show their support for Messi via social media. It is a simple initiative, but one we think works for Barça fans and members.”

“We are talking about Messi, a lad who was 19 years of age when he signed those contracts and it has been demonstrated that he did not know how it worked at that moment. He focused on playing football and signed contracts based on the trust placed in financial advisors, who work for him, looking after his earnings,” said Vives.

It is worth remembering that when this process started, the Tax Office highlighted the irregularity, “Messi paid an enormous fine, 50 million euros and with his position clarified, he becomes the top contributor in the country,” reminded Vives.

The Club spokesman went on to add: “The Finance Ministry, who defend people’s wellbeing, do not accuse Messi because they understand there is no legal basis to accuse him. They do it because they are convinced that there is no legal case against Messi. Thus, they maintain the legal position of the state in the name of the Tax Office and that in other similar cases it turns out that another criteria has been applied to that of Messi. That is not open to interpretation, these are empirical, objective facts. And here is where the Club believes the injustice begins,” stated Vives.

Finally, Vives said that also some members of the state legal team had used expressions of “disdain” towards Messi and that here was an example of “bitterness and humiliation and that is not something the Club can tolerate.” “There have been other famous figures who have not been through the same situation as Messi. That disdain we do not want for any fan, member or Messi either. For that reason we have launched the campaign and we will go beyond that because it is just and we will support Messi in any action he takes from now on. We believe in this,” concluded Vives. 

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