A year after Johan Cruyff passed away, Dutch television have announced a documentary which follows the Barça legend’s first few years in Barcelona through the lens of Catalan photographer and friend Horacio Seguí (Barcelona, 1930).

The documentary, directed by Johan Kramer, provides a series of unseen images of Cruyff’s time in Barcelona as a player and it even has some photos from a mostly unknown trip to the Catalan capital before his time here as a player and coach.

The history of the documentary

Horacio Seguí and Johan Cruyff met when the Dutch legend and his wife visited Barcelona in 1970 as a tourist. This personal visit happened three years before he signed for FC Barcelona. During that time a close friendship was initiated between the photographer and the footballer. Horacio was then given privileged access to the most memorable and unknown moments of Johan’s time in Barcelona.

Johan Kramer has taken these images and created a documentary. The story is told from Horacio Seguí’s perspective and the images of Johan Cruyff take us back to the period when one of the best players there has ever been played his football at Barça. FC Barcelona have these images in the Centre for Documentation as Horacio Seguí has worked for the Club since the fifties.

About the director

Johan Kramer (Holland, 1964) is known for his passion for the game and for having worked with previous projects related to FC Barcelona. The first contact between the director and Horacio Seguí happened in 2013 during the short film Kramer directed about the legendary Camp Nou ‘speaker’ Manel Vich.

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