FC Barcelona announced its agreement with Mission Hills Group (MHG), the second  voted of the day held at the Palau de Congressos on Sunday.

The Club's CEO Òscar Grau, assured that this partnership will help to serve FC Barcelona's target of becoming the "most admired, loved and global institution in the world". 

Before the vote took place, Grau spoke about the details of the project. One of the aims is to inaugurate an FCBEscola with seven football fields which will host over a thousand children, and will also have a large space which will house a Megastore as well as a restaurant area.

"We will not create a theme park, as I have read in recent days. Our intention in Hainan is to create a FCBEscola, which will be the first directly managed by the FC Barcelona. It is an ambitious project and we have 100 per cent control of this school," said Grau.

To develop this project will create a joint venture between MHG and FC Barcelona, with 50 per cent each cú- during the month of January. FC Barcelona will be responsible to appoint the president and chief financial officer of the project and MHG the Director General. The alliance will last ten years, extendable to ten more. For the club, this project will see a direct investment of about €4m, estimated to be recovered in a period of four years.

The agreement with MHG provides a unique opportunity for business and increased revenue for the club, as well as increase brand recognition club. It also implies the recognition of the Chinese government and a new impulse to new sponsors in a strategic market, the most powerful in the world along with the United States, as noted by Grau.

What is Mission Hills Group?

It is a Chinese company founded in 1992, owned by the Chu family who were linked to the success of Beijing's bid in 2008. It has 120 square kilometers of land in China between Haikou and Shenzhen, 72 of which have yet to be developed. The company, which receives 5.6 million visitors a year in this area is internationally recognised as a leader in the field of entertainment and sport and has become one of the permanent headquarters of the China Federation of Football.

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