In accordance with the resolution adopted by the Board at its last regular meeting, on 6 February, the Club has presented this morning a letter to the 19th section of the Provincial Court of Barcelona, through which it partially withdraws the appeal filed against the judgment of the Court of First Instance 39 of Barcelona in relation to the demand for liability action.

This withdrawal, which affects the five former directors who did not welcome the agreement between FC Barcelona and the 12 former co-defendants in this proceeding, refers only to the sentence request to the payment of the sums claimed. The Club maintains its request that the Provincial Court decides on the accounting parameters that must be taken into account in order to specify the negative economic results mentioned in the Seventh Additional Provision of the Sports Law and to decide if the negative results generated during the period of their management are in accordance with the annual accounts approved by the Members' Assembly, without exceptions.

The request responds to what the Club has repeatedly stated, that the motive of the appeal was to establish the criterion of attribution of responsibility of the former directors in their management of the Club, but in no way were intended to harm them in a personal way, neither them, nor their families. On the other hand, FC Barcelona has already reached an agreement with Zurich, the insurance company with which it had contracted a civil liability policy, which has already fulfilled its commitments to the Club.

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