The new second strip has been a huge commercial success | PACO LARGO - FCB

On Saturday 29 October, FC Barcelona will submit for approval the 2016/17 budget which forecasts revenue close to 700 million euros, 695 million to be exact, which would equate to a record figure in the history of the Club. This total would mean a 2% increase with respect to the 679 million achieved in the previous season. The results from the 2015/16 campaign will also be submitted for approval.

In the chapter regarding operating expenses, an amount of 663 million euros is forecasted. This places operating profit at 32 million euros which, including the financial balance and taxes, would mean a profit of 21 million euros after tax.

Regarding revenue, the section with the most growth forecasted is that of marketing, in line with the process of internationalisation and boosting the club’s brand. The goal is to raise revenue from sponsorship by more than 30 million.

With regards to media, an increase in income is expected from the new format of the distribution of television rights centralised by the Professional Football League (LFP) and regarding the operation of facilities, the Tour Experience and the Camp Nou hospitality should be highlighted.

On the other hand, income from player sales is 22 million euros less than the previous season.

Regarding expenses, contract renewals and the incorporation of new players for the 2016/17 season will increase the payroll and depreciation arising from the cost of transfers.

Non-sporting salaries are expected to rise as a result of the Club’s global expansion and the strategic focus on the digital area.

Regarding management expenses, for the 2016/17 season, an increase of 14% is forecasted. This section has been boosted by major international expansion through the offices in New York and Hong Kong, as well as new strategic projects regarding knowledge, innovation and technology.

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