The three blaugrana managers, Luis Enrique, Xavi Llorens and Gabri Garcia, have come together ahead of the thrilling challenge the Club faces. FC Barcelona is the only club in Europe which still has three teams in Europe’s top three competitions: the Champions League, the Women's Champions League and the Youth League. In the following video, the managers speak about the challenge their sides face.

The first team will play the first leg of the Champions League quarter finals on Tuesday 11 April against Juventus in Turin. Luis Enrique’s players are still alive in Europe thanks to the epic comeback against PSG and are looking to win their sixth Champions League.

FC Barcelona is the only club with three sides still in Europe

The Women’s side made history by reaching this year’s semi-finals for the first time. Xavi Llorens’ team beat Rosengärd and go on to face PSG on 22 April at 6.00pm CET at the Mini.

Finally, Gabri Garcia’s U19A side are in the Final Four of the Youth League. The blaugranas beat Porto in the quarter finals and will now take on Salzburg next Friday 21 April at 1.00pm CET in the Colovray stadium in Nyon. If they can get through to the final it would be on Monday 24 April at 5.00pm CET against Real Madrid or Benfica.

Three teams, three managers, three competitions but one goal: to keep making the Barça legend bigger in Europe.

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