The winning proposal for the New Camp Nou seen from the exterior | FCB

We take a look at the key components of the winning proposal:

  • Recover excellence with a stadium for approximately 105,000 spectators with modern comforts and services
  • Open façade consisting of three open concourses protected by pitched eaves
  • The New Camp Nou is seamlessly integrated in the Espai Barça Campus
  • Maintains a level access to the street all around the stadium
  • 12 vertical circulation cores with stairs, escalators and lifts, with access to the second and third tiers
  • A spacious sky deck over-looking the seating bowl and the City
  • An integrated and open space for the city
  • A sustainable stadium, smart and green, harvesting water and energy from the sun.

It will be a stadium adapted to modern times and people.


  • Eaves create three concourse rings to accommodate food and beverage with spectacular views, forming an open façade where members and fans will be the protagonists.
  • Mediterranean light will filter through the roof and open façade. Spectators will be protected from wind and rain by adequate glass partitions placed in strategic positions.


  • The stadium’s perimeter will have a 360 degree, large atrium located at street level with entrances to the first tier
  • Ease of perimeter access using 12 vertical circulation cores consisting of stairs, escalators and lifts, and closed by a glass façade on the ground level
  • Efficient, easy and barrier free concourses on all levels.


  • The New Camp Nou will expand its capacity to approximately 105,000 spectators with all seats being covered.
  • The roof will protect us from the rain and direct sunlight, and will provide visual comfort and improve the interior acoustics
  • The new roof will have a surface area of more than 47.000m2.
  • The roof structure will be constructed with steel cables, and cladded with ETFE, PTFE and polycarbonate.
  • It will collect rainwater to water the pitch and energy from the sun to power the grow lights
  • The roof will include the latest technology in scoreboards, pitch lighting, speakers and WiFi access points
  • The roof will minimize noise impact on the neighborhood


  • More and better distribution of food and beverage concessions, merchandising and all services in general.
  • Designated family areas in the third tier
  • Smart stadium with digital tickets, wireless payment systems, intelligent turnstiles and expanded WiFi and mobile coverage.


  • New wheelchair and companion seating positions spread throughout the stands in good locations
  • 100% accessible stadium
  • Improved services and wayfinding for seeing and hearing impaired spectators
  • New elevators and escalators for improved vertical circulation to each seating tier
  • New toilet facilities and concessions for all spectators