12 Ristovski

Borko Ristovski


An experienced keeperm his reflexes make him an expert in one on one situations

Ristovski began his sporting career back in his native Macedonia. His first club was Rabonitcki whom he joined in 1995 and from there he progressed until he enjoyed separate spells at the two most important clubs in Macedonian handball, Valdar and Metalurg.

In 2006 he had his first experience of the Asobal league. A season at Teucro and a short spell at Algeciras were his first taste of handball outside his native country. Nevertheless, he returned to Macedonia in 2007 for a three season spell with Metalurg until 2010 and then two more seasons with Vardar. In 2012 he made the switch to the Bundesliga with Gummersbach where he stayed until 2014.

After a brief spell with Al-Ahly in 2014, his next stop was in France with Cretiel where he remained for just a season. From there he returned to Germany where he won the Bundesliga title with Rhein-Neckar Löwen. His performances led to his signing by Barça Lassa in 2016. 

Technical profile

Borko Ristovski is an experienced keeper and he has been consistent in several leagues across Europe. He has rapid reflexes and great positioning mean he can react quickly in one on one situations.  


With FCB
Titles Amount Seasons
ASOBAL Cup 2 2016/17 - 2017/18
Spanish Super Cup 3 2016/17 - 2017/18 - 2018/19
Catalan Super Cup 3 2016/17 - 2017/18 - 2018/19
Super Globe 2 2017/18 - 2018/19
Copa del Rey 2 2016/17 - 2017/18
ASOBAL League 2 2016/17 - 2017/18
Titles Amount Seasons
German League 1 2015-2016
Macedonian League 3 2000-2001 - 2001-2002 - 2007-2008
Macedonian Cup 2 2000-2001 - 2008-2009