Reinaldo García / PHOTO: ARCHIVE FCB

FC Barcelona provided the surprise result this weekend after the team was defeated by Enrile Pas Alcoy by 5-4. The men led by Gaby Cairo, who lost the top spot of the OK Liga, picked up their first defeat of the season. Torra, Gual and Ordeig (2) were Barça’s goal scorers.

Home team dominates

Enrile Pas Alcoy proved that they learned their lesson after HC Liceo beat them last weekend (13-2). The home team were the better positioned side on the court and they were able to surprise Cairo’s men with two goals from López and Carlos Peréz, the best players of the match. Barça reacted and created a couple chances to score, Torra reduced the difference from the penalty spot.

Mia Ordeig, super sub

Barça were pinned back, but Mia Ordeig stepped up to right Barça’s course. With the scoreline at 4-2, Ordeig, with two goals in less than two minutes brought Barça level with Enrile Pas Alcoy. However, his two goals were not enough to stem the home team’s onslaught.

Last goal at the buzzer

When it looked as through the game would end in a draw, a play by Carlos Peréz tipped the scales for the home team with 19 seconds remaining on the clock. The Enrile Pas Alcoy player netted the match winner and his third of the day.


Enrile Pas Alcoi, 5
FC Barcelona, 4

Enrile Pas Alcoi (2+3): Luzon, López, Candenado, Pérez, Figa -starting five- Kilian, Ortells, Rico and Aguilar.

FC Barcelona (1+3): Aitor Egurrola, Marc Gual, Sergi Panadero, Marc Torra, Reinaldo García -starting five- Marc Julià, Sergi Miras, Pablo Álvarez and Mia Ordeig.

Goals: 1-0, López, min 15; 2-0, Pérez, min 18; 2-1, Marc Torra, p., min 24; 3-1, Pérez, min 40; 3-2, Gual, min 41; 4-2, López, min 47; 4-3, Mia Ordeig, min 48; 4-4, Mia Ordeig, min 49, and 5-4, Pérez, min 49.

Àrbitres: Prades i Delfa. Vermella al segon entrenador del Barça, Ricard Muñoz, i blava al blaugrana Sergi Panadero.

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