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Barça are just one game away from the perfect season. Cairo’s men are one title away from winning every single 2011/12 title. The last challenge is a big one: the final of the Europe League. This Saturday the Azulgranas beat the always dangerous Tecnol Reus Deportiu.

A Barça-Reus match is always special. The rivalry is always hight, and even more so if a Europe League Final berth is at stake. Players, managers and fans gave it their all to see Reus out of the competition. The first half was intense and very open, with both sides enjoying many scoring opportunities. Caldú smashed the ball against the woodwork on three minutes. It was Reus’ first warning. The Azulgrana response, however, was immediate: Torra hit the post himself and Reinaldo García scored shortly after from a powerful long-range shot.

Azulgrana dominance

Barça dominated the match from that moment on. However, a foul from Mia Ordeig on Raúl Marín earned him a blue card and Marín did well to bring Reus level from the free hit. It was the 10th minute of the semifinal. Cairo’s men quickly reacted. Only two minutes later, Marc Gual assisted Pablo Álvarez on the far post - the Azulgrana did well to score the go-ahead goal.

Trabal denied Barça a larger lead before the half. Alejandro Domínguez’ men were ambitious in the final stretch of the half as they insisted on scoring the equaliser, but Egurrola was up to the task.

Equaliser at the start of the second half

The second half started with the same dynamic as the first and with two good saves from both keepers. It was Casanovas that brought his team level once again with Barça. He did it with an off-center shot that went under the Azulgrana’s legs. These were the most difficult minutes for Cairo’s men, who committed many more fouls in the second half than they did in the first.

Barça close out the match in 13 seconds

When the most difficult phase of the match had run its course, Barça’s players stepped up to end the match. The first goal was Ordeig’s, who took advantage of the fact that Trabal was blocked by his own defence, and later it was Álvarez, who buried his shot after a fast counterattack. The goals, which were separated by 13 seconds, completely demoralized Reus. Gual quickly made it 5-2.

Before the end of the match, Reinaldo and Marín were shown blue cards for participating in a rather combative play at the end of the court. It’s true, a Barça-Reus match is always special.


FC Barcelona, 5
Tecnol Reus Deportiu, 2

FC Barcelona: Egurrola, Reinaldo, Ordeig, Álvarez and Torra –starting five- Gual, Borregán, Panadero and Julià.

Tecnol Reus Deportiu: Trabal, Casanovas, Molet, Caldú and Ferrer –starting five- Marín, Adroher, and Páez.

Goals: 1-0, Reinaldo (min. 5); 1-1, Marín (min. 10); 2-1, Álvarez (min. 12); 2-2, Casanovas (min. 32); 3-2, Ordeig (min. 37); 4-2, Álvarez (min.38); 5-2, Gual (min. 40).

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