FCB's Roller Hockey team won the Club's 24th OK Liga title

Barça’s 7-4 victory over Calafell means that the Azulgranas have won the OK Liga title with three matches still go before the end of the season. This is Barça’s 24th OK Liga title in the history of the Club.

Josep Lorente's glorious era

The Spanish Roller Hockey League's debut season was in 1969. The first editions of the competition were dominated by Reus Deportiu. FC Barcelona was in crisis during this time, the FCB roller hockey team hadn’t won any titles since their successful run in the Spanish Cup in 1963. However, Josep Lorente ushered in a glorious era for the team when he arrived at the Club in the 1973/74 season and led the Azulgranas to their first Liga title. From 1977 to 1985, Barça’s dominance was indisputable - the Catalans won eight Liga championships.

From crisis to an incredible winning streak

Lorente left the Club in 1989 after not winning the Liga for four seasons. The Club went through a long spell of not winning any Ligas until the 1995/96 season, when a restructured Barça managed to break the losing streak thanks to Carlos Figueroa’s managerial skills. The title win in 95/96 marked the beginning of another incredible era for the FCB’s roller hockey team. From 1998 through 2010 Barça won 13 consecutive Liga titles. This run is one of the best winning steaks in the history of Spanish sports, second only to CB Viladecans baseball team’s run of 20 consecutive league titles (1982-2002). The managers in charge of FCB’s record-breaking roller hockey team were Carlos Figueroa (1995-2005), Joaquim Paüls (2005-2009) and Ferran Pujalte (2009-10).

Complete dominance

After last year’s transitional season, Barça are back to their winning ways. With this year’s Liga title, Barça have won 24 of the 43 editions of the Spanish League, which means that the Azulgranas have won more than half of the Ligas ever played. Liceo is far behind with six titles and Igualada and Reus Deportiu both have five titles apiece.

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