The roller hockey team, 100 official titles / PHOTO: FCB

Counting the two titles that have already been won this season (Spanish Super Cup and the King’s Cup) FC Barcelona’s roller hockey team have claimed 100 titles in their 70 year history. Officially founded on June 1 1942, the team went through its first golden era in the late 70s and early 80s. The dominance that the team had nearly 30 years ago has been restored over the past couple seasons thanks to players like Figueroa, Paüls, Pujalte and the manager, Cairo.

Borregán, 56 titles

‘Beto’ Borregán, current Barça captain, has won 56 titles of the team’s 100. Furthermore, the team remains undefeated this season in the OK Liga.

Only the football team has more King’s Cups

The hockey team has won more Leagues (23) and more European Cups (19) than Barça’s football team (21 and 4). However, when it comes to the King’s Cup, Barça’s first team has claimed six more (25) than the hockey team. The roller hockey team have one of the most impressive trophy cabinets of any of Club’s professional teams.

100 titles

23 Leagues
19 European Cups
19 King Cups
9 Continental Cups
7 European Super Cups
5 Spanish Super Cups
5 Catalan Leagues
3 Intercontinental Cups
3 Iberian Cups
3 Cups of Nations
2 Catalonia Championships
1 Cup Winners Cup
1 CERS Cup


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