Roller hockey tickets

Roller hockey tickets

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Group Tickets

  • Are you a group and would you like to be able to experience the best ROLLER HOCKEY up close?
  • Enjoy the Barça Roller Hockey team with your group at the Palau Blaugrana!

Coming soon
BARÇA ROOKIES<br> <br> <FONT SIZE=3>Minimum 12 people under 18 years old</font>


Minimum 12 people under 18 years old


What's included?

  • Product available soon
  • Match ticket + T-shirt Barça Rookies + Activity to choose
  • Minimum 12 people (under 18 years old)
  • For every 12 children you will have the ticket of a coach/manager for free
  • Possibility of booking tickets for companions
  • Available for the 24-25 season

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