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Barça Immersive Tour

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Barça Immersive Tour Accessibility

Special rate of 50% off for people with a disability certificate for a disability equal to or greater than 33%. 50% discount for one companion as well. Comments: Tickets on sale only at the ticket office. It is mandatory to present a supporting document for tickets purchased at a reduced price.

Accessible resources: Download the accessible map 

Signage: There is signage inside the building that indicates the different spaces, as well as additional informative and emergency signage, with internationally approved pictograms. We have a map located in the lobby for guests to orient themselves inside the building. If you have any questions, the Barça Immersive Tour staff is available to give you any necessary instructions.

The Barça Immersive Tour is fully accessible for people with reduced mobility or in a wheelchair. The entrance is on level ground and is easily accessible.

• The visit includes the Spotify Camp Nou 360 immersive room, which is not recommended for people with epilepsy and/or photosensitive people. Comments: Please notify the tour staff so they can give you instructions.

Lighting: In general, the atmosphere of the entire tour is dark.

• The Barça Immersive Tour has an accessible information desk that has been adjusted to a suitable height for people in wheelchairs.

• There are accessible toilets exclusively for people with reduced mobility and a changing table for babies.

Assistance dogs and guide dogs are allowed throughout the entire facility.

An accessible multimedia audio guide is available on your mobile phone or smartphone. Important! Remember to bring your headphones!

In order to access the audio guide, you will have to scan a QR code on a card that you will be given at the entrance to the tour.

The QR codes are slightly raised to allow people who are blind or partially sighted to detect their presence and location with their fingers. This makes it easier for the QR code scanner on their mobile phone to pick it up.

Each button correctly indicates what it is for out loud, as well as what can be done with each action, making navigation as easy as possible.

All audio will be transcribed. An icon allows access to the full transcript of the track in the corresponding language. A window opens that allows you to scroll down and up through the text, and when you close it, you return to the audio guide. This makes it easier for people with hearing impairments to go on the entire visit comfortably.

Audio induction loop: We have a portable radio-frequency audio induction loop at the tour entrance desk.

Subtitling: This service is currently offered in Catalan, Spanish and English on the screens and the accessible audio guide.

Borrowing virtual reality glasses: The virtual reality glasses can be put on over your own.

We have a cloakroom where you can leave your pushchair.

Rest areas: You will find a rest area and water fountains on the Rambla del Barça.

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