Barça Immersive Tour Accessibility


C/ Arístides Maillol, s/n (main access No. 15) or Av. de Joan XXIII (Boulevard No. 9 access), 08028 Barcelona.

On foot

Entrance via Access 9: Avenida de Joan XXIII or Access 15: Calle Arístides Maillol.

Public transport

BUS V1, 175, H8, 52, 54 and D20

TRAM T1, T2 and T3 (all stops are accessible).

METRO L3 Palau Reial, Zona Universitària and Maria Cristina
             L5 Collblanc, Badal and Ernest Lluch

Personal mobility

Bicing, bicycle or motorcycle sharing.


Due to the works on the new Espai Barça, the parking for the Barça Immersive Tour is not available.

Parking via the SMOU APP: 30% discount in BSM car parks. You will also find on the app the availability of SABA car parks and others such as the Parque Científico or private car parks.
Street parking: Green Zone and Blue Zone.


From the 2nd of January to the 31st of March

From Monday to Saturday between 10:00 and 18:00 and Sundays between 10:00 and 15:00.

From the 1st of April to the 15th of October

From Monday to Sunday between 9:30 and 19:00.

From the 16th of October to the 31st of December

From Monday to Saturday between 10:00 and 18:00 and Sundays between 10:00 and 15:00.

CLOSED on the 25th of December and the 1st of January.

Quiet Hours

Every Saturday between 15:00 and 17:00, except on first team match days and July and August.



Signage inside the building indicating the different spaces, and informative and emergency signage, using internationally homologated pictograms.

The orientation map is located at the entrance hall.

If in doubt, contact the Barça Immersive Tour staff.

Accessible multimedia audio guide

The audio guide is available for mobile phones or smartphones.

Available in Catalan, Spanish and English, by scanning a QR code on a card that is provided at the entrance to the tour.

Important: remember to bring your headphones!


The lighting throughout the tour is subdued.

The visit includes the Spotify Camp Nou 360 immersive room, which is not recommended for people with epilepsy and/or photosensitivity.
Remarks: please notify the Tour staff so that they can provide guidance.

Check "Quiet Hours" schedules.

Hearing protection

The Barça Immersive Tour has noise cancelling headphones available for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or overly sensitive to sound (hyperacusis).

There is a free loan service from the information desk at the entrance to the Barça Immersive Tour.

Storage for pushchairs. This must be requested from the Tour staff at the information desk at the entrance.

The adapted toilets have a baby changing table.

Rest areas

There is a rest area and water drinking fountains on Rambla del Barça.

Reduced mobility

The Barça Immersive Tour is fully accessible for the circulation of people with reduced mobility or wheelchair users. The entrance is flat, without any difficulties for access.

Wheelchair loan

There is a free loan service, with two wheelchairs.

They can be requested from the information desk at the entrance to the Barça Immersive Tour.

Accessible information desk adapted to an ideal height for wheelchair users.

Adapted toilets exclusively for people with reduced mobility.

Hearing impairment

Deaf or reduced hearing persons.

Magnetic loop

We have a portable magnetic loop for radio frequency available from the information desk at the entrance.

Accessible multimedia audio guide available for mobile phones or smartphones:

The audio guide makes it easy for people with hearing disabilities to follow the entire visit comfortably.

All the sounds on the audio guide are transcribed. An icon allows access to the full transcription of the track in the corresponding language. A window opens that allows you to scroll down and up through the text by clicking scroll and when closed it becomes the audio guide.

We also have the audio guide available in Catalan sign language (LSC). This can be accessed from the language list.

Subtitles in Catalan, Spanish and English through audiovisual screens and the accessible audioguide.

Visual disability

People with blindness or low vision.

Access is allowed to assistance dogs or guide dogs throughout the facility.

Accessible multimedia audio guide available for mobile phones or smartphones.

Tactile QR codes sticking out slightly allow people that are blind or with reduced vision to detect their presence and location with their fingers, making it easier to capture them using the QR code reader they have on their mobile phone.

Each button indicates properly in a spoken voice what it is for and what can be achieved with each action, greatly facilitating navigation.


Every Saturday between 15:00 and 17:00.
*Except on men's first team match days and July and August.

We reduce the light and acoustic intensity to make the experience more comfortable for people with autism and sensory hypersensitivity.


Ticket sales conditions and special prices

  • 50% discount for people with a certificate of disability equal to or greater than 33%.
  •  Also a 50% discount for 1 accompanying person.

Tickets with special prices on sale only at the ticket offices.

For the purchase of tickets and the application of special prices, it is necessary to present the accreditation document stating the recognised degree of disability.

Apropa Cultura

FC Barcelona is adhered to the inclusive leisure programme offered by Apropa Cultura.

If you are a social or health organisation, foundation or association, you can connect to the Acerca Cultura website, where you will find information on how to benefit from the discounts offered by this programme.

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