Frenkie de Jong: 'We have to be patient'

Frenkie de Jong: 'We have to be patient'

The Dutch midfielder has a live chat with the FC Barcelona official Youtube channel from his home in Holland

Frenkie de Jong is next in line as this Monday he followed his team mate Sergi Roberto in being the latest Barça player to enjoy a live chat on FC Barcelona’s official Youtube channel. The blaugrana midfielder answered a series of questions from his home in Holland regarding lockdown and his first six months as a Barça player:  

What is the lockdown situation like in the Netherlands?  

“I was able to get back to Holland before lockdown.”  

“The situation here is very different because you can still go out and last few days the weather has been good. Nevertheless, I try to be at home a lot.”  

Day to day 

“I don’t really have an established routine but I try to have a little order: first we got out for a walk with the dog, then I have breakfast and then I do some running on the treadmill. Then I watch some series on TV and play with Jager, the dog.”  

“The coaches send me daily programmes and they also ask us how it is has gone. It’s good for us; we stay in shape, not like before, but as best we can.”  

“My girlfriend does the cooking. These days I am eating a little less than usual as I am training less. I watch what I eat and drink.”  

“I miss the day to day routine; going to the Club’s training ground and seeing my team mates. It’s difficult to sit at home and wait for everything to be ok but we have to do it. We have to be patient and we will be back training soon.”  

Who is most likely to...? most exercise? “Martin Braithwaite seems to be a personal trainer. He is doing a lot of exercise.” most TV? “Sergi Roberto”  

...learn a new skill? “Piqué. He’s always doing lots of stuff.”  

...write a book? “Ter Stegen”  

…to grow their hair? “Griezmann. He was doing it before lockdown.”  

First few months at Barça  

“My favourite game is yet to come, but it was probably the 3-0 win against Dortmund at home.”  

“Despite it being my first season I am playing a lot and I am very happy. However, I know that it could be better and I can play better than I have so far.”  

“All the players are really good. The one who has surprised me is Ansu Fati because I didn’t know about him. He is real quality.”  

How is your Spanish? 

“Right now I am continuing with my Spanish lessons. However, it is easier when you are face to face with the teacher.”  

“I would like to show my gratitude to the health workers and I want to encourage people to stay at home.”  


"I had a good connection with Nouri, especially on the field. I am always in contact with his family, especially with his brother. The family really look after him; it's inspiring to see it." 

De Jong recommends 

Film: "The Lion King" 

TV show: "Friends. I am watching it again at the moment"

Book: ''Abdelhak Nouri, a dream unfulfilled"

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