Sergi Roberto: 'I want to thank all the health workers'

Sergi Roberto: 'I want to thank all the health workers'

The versatile Barça star speaks about confinement and training at home in a chat with FC Barcelona's official Youtube channel

Now it is Sergi Roberto’s turn. After the chat with Marc-André ter Stegen on Saturday, next in line was the Catalan Barça man for a Live Chat on FC Barcelona’s official Youtube channel. The number 20 answered a series of questions on lockdown and several other topics. Take a look for yourself:  


“It is a shame and sad not to see people on the street. It’s a depressing situation but it is important to stay at home so it is all over with as quickly as possible so we can go back to normal.”  


“My little daughter really sets the routine. When she wakes up, around 8am, we all wake up, have breakfast and do some exercise. When training is done, I spend the day singing and playing with her.” 

Training at home  

“The coaches send us a weekly plan and a daily one too. But I also do my own exercise. In the afternoon I have a video call with friends from Reus and we train together; it’s more fun like that.”  

“Training at home in the gym is different to on the football field. When this is over, I hope that we have a few days to be able to get back to match fitness to compete at the top level.”  

Other activities at home  

“When my daughter is asleep, I watch the odd series. However, the truth I play with here all time. I sing to here and I talk to her in Catalan, but also in Spanish, English and Hebrew.” 

“I am learning to cook. I am learning new dishes; not too difficult ones. Via Instagram I follow some people and get recipes. For example, the other day I saw a Japanese cheesecake that I would like to make.”  

“I also play on the Play Station. But I don’t know why, during lockdown I am playing less.”  

“Sometimes I watch repeats of matches on TV and it makes me want to play again. I am also missing training, competition and seeing my team mates.”  

“I have a dog so I can go out but I don’t go far from my house. I also go shopping once a week to try and stay at home as much as possible.”  

Advice from Sergi Roberto  

“I always like to see films that have sequels. For that reason I recommend Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.” 

“A book: the story of the founder of Nike, or the Hunger Games trilogy.”  

The famous goal against PSG  

"I think that night I didn’t sleep. If we trained the next day, I slept very little. I spent the whole night watching the goal over and over again.” 


Força Barça
Força Barça

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