Ter Stegen: 'I’m fine and enjoying the time with my son'

Ter Stegen: 'I’m fine and enjoying the time with my son'

German keeper joins Live Chat on FC Barcelona YouTube channel and explains how he’s spending his time at home and shows that his hands aren’t just for stopping goals

Marc-André Ter Stegen took part in a Live Chat this Saturday to tell us all about life under lockdown. Among the fun, he showed us how to make a paper plane (in honour of 'Ter Stegen Airlines') and showed us how he makes coffee with a star shape in the milk. Here’s a collection of our favourite comments:

The family

"I’m fine, my family are fine. We’re at home, as everyone has to be. We are spending time together, even though it’s not a pleasant situation”

"My family are fine in Germany, we phone and video call each other. We’re in contact as they are in the same situation”

"Ben is three months old today! They’re very intense months, but the positive thing about coronavirus is that we get some time together as a family and it’s nice to be with him”

"Ben is growing fast and it’s great fun. He hardly wakes up at all at night. But I try to share duties with my wife”

The nightly routine

"We have a kind of daily routine and we normally do sport before breakfast. We are in permanent contact with the coaching staff, We are divided into groups to talk and to monitor our work”

"During the day I spent most of the time in the dining room, but in the gym too. We try to keep the house clean, we share the work. My hobbies? I like cooking, but also reading and playing games…”

"We do exercise twice a day and me and Dani share the time with Ben. While one keeps an eye on him, the other can get things done”


"I miss being on the pitch, playing football, and I hope to get back out there soon”


"I’ve been listening to a lot of Lucas Graham. But I like a lot of music, especially the nineties. I also listen to a bit of reggaeton in the gym”

"The apps I use the most are Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime and Google News"

“We cook together a lot. They’re always fresh produce and we usually cook for two days. I love cooking, and I love making and drinking coffee!”

"A movie? The Pursuit of Happyness. A book? A Second Wind. Un hobby? Making coffee!"


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