Toni Freixa during his press conference on Tuesday. PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA-FCB.


Other than announcing the extension of the agreement with Unicef  until 2016, the secretary and spokesman for the Board has also spoken about some of the other matters discussed at their latest meeting. One of the main topics was the extension of Andoni Zubizarreta’s contract until 2016 (to be signed next Tuesday). “We highly appreciate the work he had done” he said. “He has made some very positive renewals to the team that have maintained the excellence of the great side we have at the moment. The Board are very pleased with him.”

“There is no questioning the job he has done, you just have to look at the way the first team is performing … We appreciate the way he works and how the same idea of football has been maintained”.

Standard setting website

Toni Freixa also spoke about the feedback from the updating of the census, the ratification of the acquisition of the site at Sant Joan Despí and the adaptation of the website to people with seeing and hearing difficulties. The directors of the relevant areas will be speaking shortly and in more detail about each of these points.

On the final point, Freixa explained how it all helps make Barça “a unique club in the world”. It will involve an investment of 100,000 euros and annual maintenance costs of 25,000 euros. Barça has about 4,000 registered members and thousands more around the world who have hearing or seeing difficulties.

Full confidence in Messi

When the floor was opened for questions, Toni Freixa spoke about his optimism regarding the injury to Leo Messi. “We have every confidence in our Medical Services and therapists, and know they’ll be able to get him fit again and playing like the best player in the world that he is. He’ll be back in eight weeks”. He added that the club doctors will be overseeing the whole process.

Before ending, Freixa pointed out that the club gave away 333 free tickets to children for the game with Espanyol (who had to be members) and a further 79 for the game with AC Milan.

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