The most blaugrana Sant Jordi ever

The most blaugrana Sant Jordi ever

The FC Barcelona stand in the city centre has gathered a huge amount of interest among locals and visitors alike on such a special date for the Catalan people

FC Barcelona, like everyone else in Catalonia, has been busy celebrating St George's Day (known locally as Sant Jordi), where the local tradition is to share books and roses with loved ones. The club has set up its own stand on the corner of Carrer Rosselló and Rambla de Catalunya, and huge numbers of fans and other passers-by have been stopping to take a look at one of the most photographed stands of all. And they have also been digging into their pockets to pick up official Barça Books and roses, the takings form which are being donated to the Barça Foundation's Joves Futur + programme.

Barça futsal player Álex Yepes was there to help out selling roses, and also modelling for no end of photos, all forming part of a wonderful way to get the club into closer contact with the supporters, and of respecting one of the most cherished of Catalan traditions. 

Ticket discounts

This year fans can also get great discounts on the cost of men's and women's football and other pro sports, as well as the Barça Immersive Tour.

Residents of Catalonia get 25% off the price of the game at home to Barça this coming Monday and only pay 11 euros for the Barça Immersive Tour.

The general public can buy ticket packs for basketball's Liga Endesa and EuroLeague playoffs from 86 euros. They can also plan ahead for next season with ticket packages to watch the women's football team (from €65), and the men's handball (from €145), futsal (from €104) and roller hockey (from €69).

Book signings at Canaletes and Passeig de Gràcia

To round off a great Sant Jordi, different authors of Barça Books and others related with the club will be at the Barça Stores in Canaletes and Passeig de Gràcia to sign copies of their books. This is the schedule:

Barça Store Passeig de Gràcia

From 4pm to 5pm: Ferran Correas & Ricardo Cavolo (“Barça. 100 jugadors de llegenda”)
From 5pm to 6pm: Roger Cruz (“Més que una samarreta”) and Albert Carreras (“FC Barcelona. La dimensió mirall”)

Barça Store Canaletes

From 4pm to 5pm: Lu Martín (“Quan vam ser eterns”) and Francesc Aguilar (“Els tresors del Barça”)
From 5pm to 6pm: Ángel Iturriaga and Fermín Suárez (“L’estil Barça”)
From 6pm to 7pm: Frederic Porta and Manuel Tomàs (“El Clàssic”)


Força Barça
Força Barça

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