The Tennis El Forn grounds. PHOTO: FCB

FC Barcelona closed out a strategic investment as the Club signed a private purchase agreement for a 26,811 m² estate in Sant Joan Despí. The land, which is adjacent to the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, current houses ‘Tennis el Forn.’ The cost of the acquisition is 8,270,000 euros, plus VAT, and it will be paid within the next five years.

The integration of the estate into the current grounds of the Ciutat Esportiva will see the facility increase in size by 20%, to a total of 129,308 m², and it will allow the Club to start the Metropolitan Modification General Plan which will reorganise, expand and consolidate the current Ciutat Esportiva.

The athletic installations of ‘Tenis El Forn’ will be able to continue operating for the next two years.

In the next few days, the director responsible of the Economic and Strategic Area, Jordi Moix, will hold a press conference to outline and explain the Club’s purchase of the land.

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