Jordi Cardoner / PHOTO: ARCHIVE-FCB

The vice president of the Social Area, Jordi Cardoner, was the guest on Barça TV’s ‘DNA’ programme to explain the decision made by the Board of Directors to charge an entry fee to the Camp Nou for children under seven – the measure will go into effect on the day Barça host Real Madrid. “The security of Club members takes priority and we have decided to make a decision that is probably unpopular,” admitted Cardoner.

Contact made with the Department of Interior

Cardoner went on to contextualize the measure: “The decision was made as a result of the projected attendance for the match [Barça v Madrid]. At the request of the Club’s security department, we understand that if we do not do anything to address the issue that up to 30,000 or 40,000 children under the age of seven will be left without a ticket. From there we made the decision that this shouldn’t happen. The first thing we did was contact the Department of Interior to establish dialogue to find alternatives.”

The vice president then gave details about a conversation between the Minister of Interior, Ramon Espadaler, and President Sandro Rosell. “It’s a decision forced by the law, we don’t like it, but we understand it and we approved it because it’s a law that seeks to provide security,” said Cardoner. According to the vice president, “it’s worth being proactive than to be reactive. We want to get ahead of this, but we don’t like it.”

Children are welcome at the Camp Nou

With that said, Cardoner admitted the the measure is not popular but he’s hopeful: “This will have a profound and cruel impact and we need to find solutions to minimize the dissatisfaction while increasing security in our stadium.” He was clear that in the future, in matches that aren’t considered to be high risk, that “our desire is that children under the age of seven can come to games. That they can enjoy the show with their families, because Barça are a family friendly Club.”

He did not say when possible solutions would be revealed, but he did say that the Club is working hard to find them: “The desire is to improve quickly, without being imprudent. We’re in the process of searching for solutions.”

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