89% of the delegate members approved to convene a referendum on renovating the Camp Nou. The vice-president of the Economic and Strategic Area of the Club, Javier Faus, during his 2012-26 strategic presentation, talked about the two construction options for the Camp Nou: renovate it or build a new one. According to the vice-president, the first option would cost close to 300 million euros, and the second option, while noting that a hypothetical new stadium would not be built outside of Barcelona city limits, wouldn’t surpass “the 600 million euro price tag.”

The importance of reducing the Club debt

Faus confirmed that “studies have been done to determine the cost of both options,” and that in any case “nothing will be done until the Club’s debt is reduced from its current levels.” The vice-president was also very clear that no matter what course of action is taken down the road, that the Club “will have to go into debt,” therefore “the debt must be reduced to extremely low levels." The referendum will be conducted either in the 2014/15 or 2015/16 season. Lastly, he noted that “we will never do anything that will condition the team’s athletic excellence.”

The decision will be made by the people

Just before the vote, the secretary and spokesman of the Board of Directors, Antoni Freixa, said that even though the Board of Directors “can adopt measures that are not voted on by the General Assembly,” that the Board would rather “have important matters approved by the maximum number of Club members.”

Freixa added: “We’re all aware of the importance of this decision, both for Club members, the Board of Directors.” The delegate members authorised the referendum by a vote of 490 in favour to 34 against, with 26 abstentions.

Referendum criteria

Freixa explained the voting criteria for the upcoming referendum: Only adult members that have been members for at least a year and have their membership in good standing can vote; members must vote in person at the Camp Nou; the voting period will be open for 30 work days; any decision made by the Board (or future Boards) on the Camp Nou renovation project must be approved by the General Assembly; the Board will act on the majority decision of the Club members.

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