On February 2nd of 1987, hours after he was born, Gerard Piqué became a FC Barcelona member. Piqué’s grandfather, Amador Bernabéu, was the man responsible for enrolling the now professional footballer into the big family that is FC Barcelona. 25 years later both Piqué and Bernabéu attended the silver insignia award ceremony held that the Camp Nou’s Sala París, making Piqué the first active footballer to receive the Club’s silver insignia.

The silver insignia is awarded to members who have been with the Club for 25 years.

Piqué receives the award from his grandfather

Even though the commemorative insignias are usually awarded by the Club’s Social Area vice-president, Jordi Cardoner, on this occasion Amador Bernabéu was given the honour of awarding his grandson the silver insignia. The FC Barcelona footballer went on to thank his grandfather: “Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me, for loving me and for making me a Club member on February 2nd when I couldn’t do it myself.” Bernabéu, who is FC Barcelona’s representative to UEFA and an ex Club director, teared up at the sight of his grandson with the silver insignia: “He’s the focus of attention because he’s a born Barcelonista, he’s lucky enough to play for Barça and he’s very likable.”

“Being part of the Barça family is unique”

Piqué, who was also accompanied by his parents, grandparents and his partner Shakira, admitted that “being part of the FC Barcelona family is unique. You start to grow when you realise what this Club really stands for. It’s an honour.” The fullback added: “We must keep on enjoying this fantastic Club. It’s a Club the belongs to the members and that’s what makes it great.”

683 members receive insignias

Between this Tuesday and Wednesday a total of 683 members will receive the silver insignia reserved for members that have been with the Club for 25 years. The Club’s Social Area vice-president, Jordi Cardoner, who's in charge of awarding the insignias along with director Josep Ramon Vidal-Abarca, declared: “Thank you so much for your 25 years of dedication, joy and suffering. That’s 25 years of loyalty to your club and that’s what makes us great.”

Bernabéu announces that Piqué's child will also be a member

Amador Bernabéu admitted that he has plans to make Piqué’s child a FC Barcelona member as well. The player’s grandfather explained that Shakira asked him “when are you planning to make your great grandchild a member?” He answered: “The child will become a member the moment it he’s born.”

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