Paul Gozé, USAP president, center, and Dídac Lee and Ramón Cierco, FC Barcelona directors / PHOTO:Àlex Caparrós-FCB

This Wednesday FC Barcelona and USAP Perpiñán signed an agreement to play a match that will feature the Catalunya Nord against Stade Toulousian at the Lluís Companys Stadium, in Barcelona, on September 15. The proceeds from the match, which is a fixture in the Top 14 French League, will be allocated to those affected by the fires in Empordà. Ramón Cierco, director responsible for the FC Barcelona amateur team, said: “it will be a match that shows our solidarity with those affected by the fires. The match will raise funds for the victims. The Club wants to stand side by side [with the victims] of the catastrophe in Empordà.” FC Barcelona will donate the totality of the proceeds from the match to the people affected by the fires of Empordà.

It’s worth mentioning that as a sign of respect and solidarity, the FC Barcelona football players donned black armbands in the first pre-season match, against Hamburg SV, of the season. The show of support from the Barça players reaffirms the social involvement that characterizes the Club. In addition, Barça was also highly involved in Catalonia’s Marathon against Poverty.

A country’s satisfaction

The president of the USAP, Paul Gozé, and the FC Barcelona directors Ramón Cierco and Dídac Lee were present at today's signing ceremony.

In addition to today’s agreement, both entities joined together, in January of 2011, for the Heineken Cup, which was played on April 9th of this year at the Lluís Companys Stadium. On today's agreement, Cierco said that “this agreement joins northern Catalonia rugby with southern Catalonia rugby.” This will be the second time Catalunya Nord, the most emblematic rugby outfit of the country, will feature in a match in Barcelona.

USAP President, Paul Gozé, said that “this is an important day because we’ve secured another game in Barcelona. Last year was a success and we hope to repeat that success this year.” He added, “FC Barcelona is the most important football club in the world and USAP is the most important rugby team of north Catalonia, therefore this pact is very important for everyone, for both northern and southern Catalans.”

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