FC Barcelona supports European Diversity Month

FC Barcelona supports European Diversity Month

This May the club will be involved in a number of projects and programmes to actively foster diversity and inclusion and the building of a fairer and more accessible society

Once again, FC Barcelona is celebrating European Diversity Month to raise awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in our society. The club's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Department is promoting a number of projects engaging other areas too in the promotion of inclusive communication, recognition of the singularities and differences of each individual and accessibility. And although FC Barcelona works for diversity throughout the year, in European Diversity Month it always redoubles its efforts to make this issue even more visible.

Better accessibility at Palau Blaugrana

This May, the Palau Blaugrana will be unveiling seven new specially adapted places for wheelchair users. Each of these new locations will have a seat next to it for use by an accompanying person, thus ensuring that everyone can enjoy matches with an assistant.

Quieter Times on Barça Immersive Tour and Barça Store at Spotify Camp Nou

On May 4, the Quieter Times programme was launched on the Barça Immersive Tour and at the Barça Store at Spotify Camp Nou, a project to offer a more relaxed experience to people with autism, sensory sensitivity and intellectual disability. The purpose of the pilot project is to experiment ahead of what will be the new Barça Museum, as well as progressive adaptation of all Barça Stores.

Training on Digital Accessibility

On May 18, on the occasion of World Digital Accessibility Awareness Day, a series of training sessions will be launched by the Eurofirms Foundation, an organisation that promotes employment for people with disabilities and is an expert in counselling in all areas of disability. Workers from different areas of the club and its collaborating companies will participate in this training on digital accessibility: awareness, digital content management, graphic design and accessible development. The aim of the sessions is to show how a website or application can be used regardless of the user's physical, sensory or cognitive and even technical capabilities, while providing a suitable environment and ensuring the application of good practices, which it is essential to get to all audiences.

More inclusive and respectful communication

FC Barcelona's inclusive and non-sexist communication guide is an internal tool-book for the different communication channels used by the club. An extended version is set to be published with new concepts linked to the use of inclusive language that is not discriminatory towards the LGTBI community.

This month, FC Barcelona will be communicating and presenting other actions, initiatives and alliances that showcase its full commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Statement by Elena Fort, vice-president of the FC Barcelona Institutional Area 

“The duty of making FC Barcelona a more inclusive and diverse organisation is one that should never end since we can always make further improvements to so aspects of the club's day-to-day life and our relationship with others. Supporting European Diversity Month, promoted by the European Commission, is a way to take stock and be able to see which aspects we can improve to help build a fairer and more equitable society for everyone.”

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