The club's reaction to the way Pepe trod on Messi's foot in last week's cup quarter final at the Bernabéu was one of the main topics of Toni Freixa's press conference to discuss recent agreements made by the Board of Directors.

He wished to make it patently clear that the club is focusing its entire efforts right now "on qualifying for the semi finals of the competition ... We understand that this was a serious occurrence that everybody saw, and there is a Competition Committee that has the power to act if its sees fit. Without forgetting the importance of this, the most important thing is the match. We wouldn't want people's attention to be diverted".

Clear what happened

Although FC Barcelona understands that there are strong reasons to request a sanction to be applied to the Madrid player, Freixa said that "we do not think  that we are anybody to judge the criteria of the Competition Committee ... It was obvious what happened. The events have already been judged socially, and there is unanimous disapproval. But action should be taken by those who have the power to do so."

Freixa was also asked about the Iñaki Urdangarín controversy, to which he replied that "we have to act socially in response to this issue ... In a state of law, nobody is guilty until proven to be so." The implication was that Urdangarín is merely facing charges at the moment. The spokesman continued that the former handball star "was a very important sportsman at our club, and his sporting values are still valid in the view of the people at this club. We have to respect his figure as a former sportsman and the presumption that he is innocent".

Call for good behaviour

The spokesman and secretary for the Board also stated that the fans should "continue to set an example for sportsmanship and good behaviour. " He has every faith in the "impeccable and exemplary attitude that the Barça family is presenting to the world" and is convinced that Wednesday's cup tie against Real Madrid will be no exception. "We want our fans' behaviour to be exemplary" he concluded.

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