Barça supporters in Milan in 2010. PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ -FCB.

Each Barça member is allowed to petition for one ticket, however, up to four members may ask for a ticket on the same application form in the event that said members want to travel together to Italy. For this match, FC Barcelona has 5,210 available tickets to sell to members and supporters, all priced at €33. As usual, 85% of the tickets are allocated to members (3,543) and Supporters Clubs (886). The remaining 15% (781) are allocated to the Club for athletic, institutional and sponsor purposes.


Draw on March 22nd

All of the petitions will be handled after the scheduled close-off date. In the event that there are more petitions than there are tickets available, the Club, with the assistance of a notary, will hold a draw on March 22nd. The Club will inform winning members about the ticket pick up process.

Members that are younger than five-years-old will not be able to attend matches outside the Camp Nou. Furthermore, a single credit card can buy up to eight tickets. It’s worth noting that a ticket can only be picked up by the member that won it. In the event that a member cannot pick up his or her ticket, he or she must communicate the name of the authorized person, and DNI, that will pick up the ticket to the Club. Said person can receive up to eight tickets.

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