Rosell a la reunió de l'IFA a Zuric.

This Monday in Zurich, Switzerland, Sandro Rosell participated in the “Football from craze to madness” round table discussion in the International Football Arena conference. The conference focuses on the current state of the different European football leagues, and Rosell spoke about the ongoing state of football in Spain.

The Barça President believes that a reduction in overall participant teams in Spain’s top flight would be a suitable solution to increase competition throughout the league. “The short-term solution is to reduce the number of clubs in the Spanish league and go, first from 20 teams to 18 and eventually from 18 to 16. When you reduce the amount of teams you increase competition, there are better players for fewer teams,” proposed Rosell.

Distribution of audiovisual rights in England and Italy

The President also talked about audiovisual rights and how they are negotiated in reference to the economic difficulties surrounding football in Spain. “The Spanish League is unique in that audiovisual rights are negotiated by each team individually. In three, four, or five years all teams will have to negotiate together to achieve a similar commercial impact akin to what we see in England or Italy,” Rosell added.

Preference for habitual schedule

Rosell also articulated his preference for afternoon or evening kickoff times. “I would never play at noon unless we were forced to. While I’m Barça’s President, if the decision is mine, we won’t play at noon because it’s our tradition to eat with the family and then go watch football. But we’re democratic and if the LFP [Liga de Fútbol Profesional] says we must play at noon, then we will.”

AC Milan’s Director, Umberto Gandini, and Secretary General of the Premier League, Nic Coward also participated in the round table, amongst others. The International Football Arena in Zurich, attended by figures from the footballing world, has been an annual fixture since 1998.

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