Tencent Weibo FC Barcelona

The launch of the new FC Barcelona page on Tencent Weibo (http://t.qq.com/fcbarcelona ) has been a total success. The day after the signing of the collaboration agreement between the two entities, the Barça account was activated in what is known as the 'Chinese Twitter' and in the first twelve hours already exceeded the figure of 50,000 followers. The agreement, which opens the door to the presence of FC Barcelona on the Chinese social networks, to develop a strategic alliance with the company Tencent, which has more than 300 million subscribers, is the first step to consolidate Barca's popularity in the most populous country in the world.

"We knew that Barça is the favourite team in China, but the volume of fans in those first few hours of the release, and especially the rate of interaction of these first users, reinforce this reality," said Didac Lee, director in charge of New Technologies and a member of the Barça delegation which travelled to the Asian country. "If we compare the growth rate of Twitter with Tencent Weibo, we'll see that the volume of fans in China could be the same as all other countries put together," Lee predicted.

In fact, the Chinese response has been spectacular. Now Barça has over 60,000 users and the volume of responses and loyalty to the articles posted on Tencent Weibo is outstanding. The first welcome message was answered by over 20,000 people and different content updates have received an average of more than 5,000 responses.

"China is a country where we have many fans and the easiest way to get to them is through digital content. FC Barcelona believes that an agreement with the leading technology company in the country will help us expand the Barça culture," said Lee.

Leaders on Google+

Along with the spread of the Barça feeling in the Chinese social networks, the Club continues its digital expansion as the top sporting club in the world on Google+. Barça is already leading on all the major social networks. On Facebook the Club now has more than 23 million fans, and on Twitter, in the three main accounts (Catalan, Spanish and English) there are over 4.5 million 'followers'.

Now, in addition, Barça has become the first club in the world in number of followers on Google + with more than 22,000, ahead of the Dallas Cowboys or Chelsea. FC. FC Barcelona took part in the global launching of the professional profiles on Google's social network, along with other companies and organizations like UNICEF.

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