The secretary and spokesman for the current board of directors said the Club is “satisfied” with the judicial decision to dismiss the challenge of the Assemblea General Ordinaria of October 16th 2010 by Joan Laporta and members of his board of directors. “The Assembly that took place on October 16th 2010 rigorously followed both the law and the statutes. Participation was exemplary, and what the Assembly decided must be fully carried out,” said Freixa. “We always understood that our thesis was the one that needed to prosper,” he concluded.

Along the same lines, Freixa explained the reasons behind the judge’s dismissal of the challenge brought forth by Joan Laporta and members of his board of directors: “the judiciary decision understood that all commissioners were given informational rights by statutory notice, that Mr. Laporta had every opportunity to consult the ‘Due Diligence’ process and he didn’t come, also that Mr. Laporta was invited to the Assembly to defend his financial records in accordance with article 50.”

In short, according to Freixa the court decision expects the “liquidation of the economic term must accurately reflect what’s on the books, the economy of the entity, and the agreement of responsible action that was adopted by the majority as established by the statutes and the law.”

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