Audi gave 80 FC Barcelona members an unforgettable experience this Sunday: a chance to participate on the Dynamic Driving Experience circuit set up at the Club’s installations. The circuit, made up of three tests, is designed to test the quality of the Audi’s vehicles, as well as teach drivers how to handle extreme diving situations. It was the perfect venue for Audi to show off the cutting-edge technology used in its cars.

Guided exercises

The main objective of the course is to teach participants how to deal with risky situations on the road. Before the practice session, the instructors explained the theory to the Barça members, and after the exercise, the instructors told the participants how they could improve. The first exercise consisted of breaking before an obstacle after accelerating to 85 km/h. The second exercise tested the participants’ ability to manage the drift of the car as they were instructed to take a 180 degree turn at high velocity. The last exercise tested the ability of the participants to bring the vehicle to a full stop on a surface of little to no traction, like ice.

The FC Barcelona members were able to test Audi’s vehicles, find the limits of the car and sharpen their driving skills. The majority of the participants said that the session was “a good initiative,” seeing that “this is very helpful in day to day life” and, furthermore, “you find out how the car behaves which helps you react.”

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