Company / Club:

PSV Eindhoven

Position inside the Company/Club:

First-Team Sport Scientist

Speaker Biography:

Ruud van Elk (1988) started working as S&C coach and Sport Scientist at the PSV Academy after graduating from Maastricht University (Health Sciences / Biology of Human Performance). In 2014 he became the first team’s Sport Scientist at the club from Eindhoven. Furthermore he is involved in PSV’s Fieldlab Football in which the clubs cooperates with universities and companies to develop innovative sport’s technologies and services as close to the sport as possible. Finally Ruud teaches different courses as a guest lecturer at multiple universities and the KNVB on performance- and data analysis. 

Presentation Title:

How do different data streams influence daily practice at PSV Eindhoven?

Presentation synopsis:

In a high performance (preferably Champions League) environment, fast, clear and reliable information is critical in decision making in both the first team and academy.

PSV uses multiple data streams and providers to gather information about tactical, technical, physical, medical and mental parameters.

In this talk Ruud will explain how the they gather and analyse all the information and more importantly how they report the key information back to the (coaching) staff in time for the next game day.