Company / Club:

Red Bull Akademie

Position inside the Company/Club:

Sport Psychologist

Speaker Biography:

I am the sport psychologist of the Red Bull Football academy in Salzburg. I have a background in psychology with a specialization in diagnostic and the development of cognitive skills. Working as a coach for the youth teams of Red Bull Academy, I could broaden my knowledge in this field and apply it practically. As quick decision making is an essential part of our philosophy, we are constantly concerned with the implementation of training methods to improve this skill. 

Presentation Title:

Diagnostic and development of cognitive skills in football

Presentation synopsis:

Cognitive skills have gained in importance since the demands of modern football are steadily increasing. The ability of anticipating the opponent’s next move, dividing one’s attention and having great perceptual skills are key features among professional football players. Red Bull Salzburg is a young and dynamic football club that uses the latest technology to test and develop its players’ cognitive skills. In my presentation, I will share some interesting details about our current experiences working in the field of diagnostic and the development of cognitive skills.