One of the essential foundations of FC Barcelona is its multisport commitment. The professional sports at the Club, aside from football, are basketball, handball, futsal and roller hockey and all these disciplines form part of the Club’s structure with excellence in all area the objective as ever.

These professional sports have as their principal aim the wise to fill the teams with players who have come up through the academy system in the ‘La Masia’ model. With that goal in mind the youth teams for professional sports work within the following structure.


In Basketball there are six teams, two U14 teams, two U16 teams, a junior team, and a Barça B team who compete in the LEB Or, the second division of national basketball, with their own court for training and matches at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.


Also there are six teams in the handball academy, two U14 teams, two U16 teams, an U19 team and Barça B who compete in the second division of national handball. They also use the facilities at the Ciutat Esportiva.


There are five team in the futsal academy: an U12 side, an U14 team, an U16 team, an U19 and Barça B who play in the futsal national second division. The futsal teams train daily at the Club’s facilities at the Ciutat Esportiva.


The Llars Mundet  court is where the six roller hockey sides train and play. There is an U12, U14, U19 sides, a junior team and Barça B and Barca C, the former playing in the Catalan National League and the latter in the National first division.