Lucas Ordoñez in action against Caldes / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

Caldes: Campor, Xavier Rovira, Roger Acsensi, Jacint Molera & Jordi Urbano –starting five- Mendes, Oller, Pastor, Alava, Esteo.

Barça: Aitor Egurrola, Marc Gual, Matías Pascual, Sergi Panadero, Pablo Álvarez –starting five- Xavi Barroso, Lucas Ordoñez, Nil Roca.

Goals: 0-1, Pablo Alvárez (3’); 0-2, Marc Gual (9’); 0-3, Lucas Ordonez (17’); 1-3, Jordi Urbano (20’); 1-4, Panadero (42’); 1-5, Lucas Ordoñez (50’).


FC Barcelona Lassa have picked up an important win roller hockey’s OK Liga, which doubled with a setback for second placed Liceo, whjo lost to Reus, moves them six points clear at the top of the table.

Trips to Caldes, who had taken 15 of the 21 points on offer at home this season, are never easy, but Barça managed to overcome the pressure from the vociferous home supporters to win 5-1 with goals from Pablo Álvarez, Marc Gual, Lucas Ordoñez (2) and Sergi Panadero.

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