Pablo Álvarez celebrates one of the goals on Wednesday. / VICTOR SALGADO-FCB

FCB Lassa, 6
Lloret, 2

FC Barcelona Lassa: Sergi Fernández, Gual, Lamas, Álvarez and Costa -starting five-, Barroso, Ordoñez, Roca and Panadero

CH Lloret Vila Esportiva: Ferran Serrra, Xavier Crespo, David Plaza, Marc Grau and Àlex Grau -starting five-, Jordi Carbó, Roger Martí and Xavi Sulé

Goals: 1-0, Pablo Álvarez, min 3; 2-0, Pablo Álvarez, min 3; 3-0, Gual, min 12; 4-0, Barroso, min 15; 4-1, Xavi Crespo, min 29; 4-2, David Plaza, min 31; 5-2, Panadero; min 34; 6-2, Ordoñez (falta directa), min 41

Referees: Burgos and Galán

Fouls: 14for Barça and 11 for Lloret

FC Barcelona Lassa have rediscovered the path to victory. Before being proclaimed champions of Continental Cup and starting play in the European League, Barca Lassa had suffered two uncommon setbacks in regular competition. The two consecutive defeats against Voltregà and Vilafranca were forgotten about on Wednesday, however, with a convincing win over Lloret. Barça were able to pick up three points thanks to two goals from Pablo Álvarez and subsequent scoring plays by Gual, Barroso, Panadero and Ordoñez.

The victory gives Barça 12 points through six games in the OK League, leaving them tied with Liceo and Vilafranca and three points behind leaders Patí Vic. The victory also allows Barça to face the coming weekend with renewed confidence. Barça dispute the Spanish Super Cup this Saturday when they face off against Vendrell at 5.00pm CET in Vic.

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