Pablo Álvarez celebrates a goal

Pablo Álvarez scored five againbst Liceo / VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB

FC Barcelona, 7
HC Liceo, 4

FC Barcelona: Egurrola, Gual, Pascual, Panadero, Pablo Álvarez (starting five), Reinaldo García, Barroso, Torra and Marín.

HC Liceo: Valentín Grimalt, Jordi Bargalló, Edu Lamas, Toni Pérez and Josep Lamas (starting five), Pau Bargalló and Oriol Vives. 

Goals: 1-0, min 5, Pablo Álvarez; 2-0, min 6, Pablo Álvarez; 2-1, min 7, Toni Pérez (penalty); 3-1, min 13, Pablo Álvarez; 3-2, min 17, Jordi Bargalló; 3-3, min 22, Oriol Vives; 4-3, min 32, Pablo Álvarez; 5-3, min 33, Pablo Álvarez (free hit); 5-4, min 35, Pau Bargalló; 6-4, min 38, Marc Torra (free hit); 7-4, min 42, Marc Torra.

Barça’s roller hockey team took a massive step towards the OK Lliga title with a 7-4 win over Liceo to leave them eight points ahead at the top of the table with three games left to play. Next week’s game against Vic could see the team lift the title.

Barça took the initiative early on with Pablo Álvarez bagging three goals to give the hosts a solid start, before Liceo drew level before the break. Álvarez then got his fourth on 32 minutes to put Barça ahead again and made it five with a free hit soon after, but. Pau Bargalló, got one back for Liceo who were refusing to lie down.

Marc Torra takes over the scoring

With Pablo Álvarez withdrawn, Marc Torra took over the goal scoring duties for Barça and with two goals in five minutes he sealed the win that looks to have sealed yet another title.

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