Barça celebrate one of five goals in Mataró / ALEIX TELLO - FCB

CH Mataró: Esteve, Mangas, Povedano, Florenza, Casas –starting five- Parera, Oliana, Serra, Castellví, Aceituno.

FC Barcelona: Sergi Fernández, Gual, Reinaldo, Pascual, Raül Marín –starting five- Pablo Álvarez, Marc Torra, Panadero, Barroso.

Goals: 0-1 Reinaldo (min 2); 1-1 Mangas (min 23); 1-2 Gual (min 32); 2-2 Povedano (min 34); 2-3 Pablo Álvarez (min 40); 3-3 Casas (min 42); 3-4 Pablo Álvarez (min 45); 3-5 Pablo Álvarez (min 46).


The FC Barcelona roller hockey team have set an all-time record of 85 OK Liga points after ending the championship with a 5-3 win at CH Mataró. They have only dropped five points all year.

Raül Marín opened the FCB scoring from a free, but Aniol Mangas made it 1-1 later in the half.

After the break, Marc Gual re-established Barça’s league, but Mataró levelled again, this time through Marc Povedano. Pablo Álvarez put the visitors ahead for the third time, but yet another goal was cancelled out at the other end, Casas being the scorer. But then Pablo Álvarez came to the rescue by completing a hat-trick in the last five minutes, the first goal on the back of a Torra assist and the second after a dramatic solo run.

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