Marín and Reinaldo celebrate the former's goal

Marín and Reinaldo / PHOTO: Prensa RFEP

Starting off the year on the right foot is the aim of any team, and the men managed by Ricard Muñoz did just that as they qualified for the final of the Spanish Super Cup. The Blaugrana were superior to Moritz CE Vendrell even though the defensive set-up from the home team proved difficult to overcome for FC Barcelona. Goals from Torra, Panadero, Álvarez, Gual, Reinaldo and Marín were enough to see Barça through to the championship match. The team’s rival in the final are Reus Deportiu, who defeated the reigning champions of the OK Liga, HC Coinasa Liceo (1-5).


Moritz CE Vendrell, 3
FC Barcelona, 6

Moritz CE Vendrell (0+3): Puigbí, Miras, Lluís Ferrer, Jordi Ferrer and Eloi Albesa –starting five– Rodríguez, Creus and Cortijo.

FC Barcelona (2+4): Egurrola, Panadero, Álvarez, Reinaldo, Torra –starting five– Barroso, Gual, Marín and Pascual.

0-1 Torra, min 4; 0-2, Marín, FD, min 15; 0-3, Álvarez, min 33; 1-3, Creus, min; 1-4, Panadero, min 33; 1-5, Gual, min 36; 2-5, Albesa, FD, min 37; 2-6, Reinaldo, min 44, 3-6, Miras, min 49.

Fernández García and Gómez Sánchez.

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