Torras celebrates his hat-trick against Vilafranca.

Three-goal hero Marc Torra. PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.

More than 2,000 spectators defied the rain to come to the Palau Blaugrana and what they got was another downpour, but this time in the form of goals. Barça are now 6-0 in the competition after defeating one of the surprise packages of the season, Vilafranca. 

Just eleven seconds

Torra needed just eleven seconds to open the scoring from a quick Pablo Álvarez assist. But Vilafranca defended well after that, until a dramatic three-minute period in which Barça hit the post and got two penalties. The first was saved by Camps, but Gual converted the second.

It was all going Barça’s way, and the home side should have been much more than 2-0 up when in the blink of an eyelid Caldú and Navarro had scored for the visitors, and incredibly it was all square at the break.

Impressive second

Barça were a different side in the second half. Reinaldo put them back into the lead, and what followed was a veritable onslaught on the Vilafranca goal, with Barroso finally re-establishing the two-goal margin by making it 4-2.

Marc Torra sealed a tremendous performance with two more goals to complete his hat-trick, and the leaders were ultimately able to celebrate yet another win.



FC Barcelona: Egurrola, Panadero, Reinaldo, Torra & Pablo Álvarez –starting five-, Matías Pascual, Raúl Marín, Barroso & Gual.

Vilanova Capital del Vi: Camps, Esteva, Navarro, Vázquez & Aguarón –starting five-, Caldú, Galán, Martí, García & Ventura.

Goals: 1-0 Marc Torra (min 1), 2-0 Gual (min 15), 2-1 Caldú (min 24), 2-2 Navarro (min 25), 3-2 Reinaldo (min 28), 4-2 Barroso (min 34), 5-2 Torra (min 37), 6-2 Torra (min 45)

Attendance: 2,061

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