Barça staked their claim on the OK Liga this evening when they hosted league leaders Coinasa Liceo at the Palau. Ricard Muñoz’s men are now only three points the Liceo in the standings with two matches left on the schedule before the end of the season. The Galicians still have a massive advantage, but it’s unknown how they will react after today’s defeat. Barça also have the goal average advantage over Liceo, which means the Blaugrana would retain the title if the two teams are level on points at the end of the season.

Barça must win their last two games of the season in order to be champions. The first is at home against Voltregà and the second is away to Igualada. Carlos Gil’s men will need to draw or lose to Igualada or Lleida.


FC Barcelona, 4
Coinasa Liceo, 2

FC Barcelona (1+3): Fernández, Ordeig, Gual, Panadero, Torra -starting five- Álvarez, Reinaldo, Miras.

Coinasa Liceo (1+1): Malián, Eduard Lamas, Bargalló, Josep Lamas, Ordóñez -starting five- Pascual, Pérez.

Goals: 1-0, Mia Ordeig (min. 7); 1-1, Toni Pérez (p) (min. 19); 2-1, Malián (p.p.) (min. 31); 2-2, Ordóñez (f.d.) (min 38); 3-2, Torra (f.d.) (min 41); Torra (f.d.) (min 46).

Referees: Valverde and Garmendia.

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