When a train starts moving it’s difficult to stop it and when that train is called FC Barcelona, it’s even harder. Barça claimed victory away to CH Lloret by 2 to 3. The team managed by Gaby Cairo went up against a tough and well organized opponent this Sunday, but the league title holders managed to break through the home team’s defence.


CH Lloret, 2
FC Barcelona, 3

CH Lloret (0+2): Serra, J. Rodríguez, González, D. Rodríguez, Torner – starting five – Pelícano, Gómez and Crespo.

FC Barcelona (2+1):  Sergi, Panadero, Julià, Reinaldo, Torra – starting five - Mia Ordeig, Álvarez, Miras and Gual.

: 0-1, Álvarez, FD, min 19; 0-2, Miras, p., min 22; 1-2, González, min 37; 1-3, Torra, FD, min 44, 2-3, Pelícano, min 49.

: Sandoval Santos and Garrote Arcelus

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