Following the Super Globe win, Barça Lassa have lifted the Supercopa ASOBAL for the sixth time in a row after beating Logronyo La Rioja (31-25). The blaugranas dominated from the off and they did so with a fantastic defence. Raúl Entrerríos was chosen as the MVP of the final, Gonzalo as the best keeper and N’Guessan top scored with seven goals.

The match started with both teams playing with real intensity. After five minutes the scores were 3-2 in Barça’s favour. Slowly, they pulled away as they stifled Logronyo in defence with Gonzalo particularly impressive. They scored four unanswered points to put them 7-3 up.

Logronyo managed to close the gap to 10-8 through some impressive Krupa saves but the blaugranas soon responded and reclaimed their advantage to go into the break 17-11 up. By the break, N’Guessan had already scored four goals.

Identical second half

The second half was no different to the first with the blaugranas extending their advantage in the opening seven minutes (20-13). They didn’t relax though and N’Guessan and Dika Mem continued to turn the screw. By the 42nd minute, they were ten goals ahead (24-14).

Although Logronyo closed the gap to five they never threatened and Xavi Pascual’s side reacted once again to finish with a win and yet another Supercopa ASOBAL (31-25).

This latest win means Barça Lassa have won the Supercopa 20 times, with six consecutive wins. Xavi Pascual’s team will next play in the semi-finals of the Copa Catalunya against Sant Esteve Sesrovires at 8.30pm CET on Wednesday.


Barça Lassa, 31

Logronyo La Rioja, 25

Barça Lassa: Pérez de Vargas (2), Víctor Tomás (3), Entrerríos (3), Valero Rivera (4), N’Guessan (7) , Syprzak (2) and Dika Mem (4) –starting seven– Viran Morros, Sorhaindo, Alexis Borges (1), Dolenec (1), Sorhaindo, Aleix Gómez (2), Jallouz (2), Lenne and Ariño.

Logronyo La Rioja: Krupa, Naranjo (1), Chiuffa (1), Garabaya (1), Kukic (2), Del Arco (2) Garciandía (3), –starting seven– Montoro (5), Kusan (5), Javier Muñoz (2), Juan Castro (2), Kukic, Ángel Fernández (1) and Pablo Paredes.

Breakdown: 3-2; 7-4; 10-7; 13-9; 16-9; 17-11 (break); 19-12; 22-13; 24-16; 26-20; 30-23; 31-25.

Stadium: Quijote Arena (Ciudad Real).


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